Human Resources Management System

The HRMS Modules Cluster 

Covers the administrative human capital tasks of employees’ service records, benefits entitlement, payroll processing, tax, retirement and other statutory requirement compliance.


  • Worksheet styled ease of use report creation or modification
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor and export
  • Accurate multiple Point-In-Time information reporting and analytics
  • Attendance and shift with embedded heuristics artificial intelligence
  • Clarity in computation results with full self-explaining detail
  • Wage cost integration to other 3rd party GL system
  • Wide configurability minimises the need to customise


  • Improves administrative effectiveness and efficiency
  • Enables broad-scoped system enforced policy compliance
  • Fine grained security control on access to confidential human capital functions and data:
    • By Menu
    • By Field data item
    • By Report
    • By employee access code/group
    • By Add, Edit, Delete and View functions
    • By business unit hierarchy
  • Analytics for better management of benefits cost
  • Accurate & efficient administration of attendance, shifts and overtime
  • Ready to scale-up beyond the administrative human capital functions
  • Improves effectiveness of management decision-making.