Get To Know flexHR - Inside Out

In today’s changing business-scape, your organization’s Human Capital is an important business asset. Effective management of this very key asset is essential in contributing to the business’ success.

flexHR® is a versatile, user friendly and integrated Human Capital Management System that empowers the management of your organization’s Human Capital efficiently and effectively. flexHR®'s innovative design offers flexibility and scalability to suit organizations of different sizes, and at different stages of growth, across diverse industry and commerce. As the organization grows, flexHR® can be easily scaled to cater to the organisation's growing requirements. This ensures maximum productivity, not only in terms of your technology investment, but more importantly for your Human Capital management professionals. .


flexHRMS is the administrative cluster of the system. Its functional role of handling employee work and personal information, compensation & benefits, attendance and payroll processing, is the system’s core foundation.


flexESS is the self-service cluster of the system. It provides mobile devices and web-based approval workflow automation for employee information updates, leave, claims, attendance, overtime, job confirmation & transfer, application submission and viewing including payslip viewing and printing.


flexHRSS is the strategic human capital cluster of the system. Business and workforce goals, KPI and competencies are aligned and drives performance results. Which are in-turn integrated to optimize performance based rewarding, talent management and acquisition, training and development and career and succession planning.