Employee Self-Service System

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The ESS Modules Cluster 

Enables mobile devices and web based self-service approval workflow automation for application submission and viewing of human capital information.


  • Multi-criteria employee grouping for workflow
  • Unlimited levels of approver in route
  • Approval routes embedded with user rules
  • Routes can be shared with multiple workflow documents
  • Apply user rules at document level
  • Workflow action notification, reminder and escalation is user defined
  • Supports Andriod and iOS mobile devices


  • Lower cost of web centric self service empowerment
  • Wider reach for self-service roll-out with mobile device accessibility
  • Deeper self-service functional scaling from broad range of modules
  • User interface design consistency & adaptiveness reduces learning time
  • HRMS’ administrative policies integration into ESS lowers administration costs
  • High process fit with fine grained workflow configurability