MyTaxReliefz (TP1 & TP3)

As stated in the Malaysian Income Tax (Deduction From Remuneration)(Amendment)(No 2) Rules 2014, employers are required to include employee’s personal tax relief claims into the monthly payroll computation.

The cost of compliance to the aforesaid requirement will be high, without a suitable system to automate flow of the TP1 and TP3 submissions into the payroll computation. MyTaxReliefz is designed for employers to provide a simple, easy, cost effective and secure, mobile software for employees to submit the TP1 & TP3 personal tax relief claims. From the flexRenEco system portal, employers can retrieve their employees’ tax relief claims for processing in the monthly payroll’s tax deduction.

Employers may register for the MyTaxReliefz software system at MyTaxReliefz Company Registration Page.

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