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At Visual, we recognise the importance of quality support services are vital to ensuring a successful implementation of the Human Resource computerization project. It is in this belief that we practice a carefully thought out support services plan that provides the highest level of quality service and support. Being the principal owners of flex as opposed to being a distributor where the need to refer to the principal owner exists, we have a free hand to develop a customer maintenance plan that is mutually beneficial.

Besides the above services which customers can enjoy by signing up our software maintenance service plan, we also provide some other services:

1. Project Facilities

Project implementation is one of the most crucial stages to determine the success of the application. We have a group of professional and experienced project team to help you upgrade your existing products, implement new products and migrate your existing system to our systems. With more than 15 years of experience in successful implementing Human Resource solutions in different industries, we are confident to complete and deliver the project implementation on time.

2. Support Facilities

We understand the importance of after-sales service. Thus, Customer satisfaction is our First priority. We offer the following support services:
  • Helpdesk Support – A dedicated helpdesk team facilitate with online and phone helpdesk supports to our customers
  • Remote online support – To deliver first hanad support & fast respond time, we troubleshoot and rectify customers issue by using remote support tools.
  • Onsite support – We will support and troubleshoot critical issue for customers by onsite visit.
Our support services are available from Monday to Friday, 9.00am till 5.30pm. Our average response time is within 4 hours.

We log support calls in our helpdesk system to ensure continuity when a support staff follow-up on an issue.

3. Training Facilities

Training delivery method uses a hands-on approach. In order to deliver effective applied training, we make it a point to understand users’ requirements and business processes before the training. We are currently converting the more basic training modules to use multimedia technology to have training anywhere and anytime. Generally, for training of less than 10 persons, it is held at our own business premise. To accommodate a larger audience, we can hold it in hotel function rooms. Ongoing training can cover areas such as operation, administration and system configuration. There is no need for technical training as our end user empowerment tools make form and report customizing so easy for a non technical user.

4. Data Integrity Assurance

We provide our custom built diagnose tools to automate most if not all problems troubleshooting. For more complex problems, we will perform onsite troubleshooting.flexHR® is highly data driven, modular and object oriented. Updates can be applied easily by replacing some sub application tables or files without a complete application reinstall.

Our application source can be purchased or made available through an escrow agreement in the event we cease to be in business. If our client purchases our source, we will provide training in all our development tools from data modeling, interface customization to reports creation.

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