Business Scorecard System


Business Scorecard is primarily about business direction, strategy formulation, goal setting, planning and review. It defines an organizational goals and objectives, and cascades down to the department or section level. This modules uses the Balanced Scorecard approach and is highly customizable to the user’s needs.


Performance Scorecard System


Performance Scorecard is the alignment of the individual’s performance to the business of the organization. It is user-definable and is a comprehensive approach to performance planning and evaluation. It is structured in the following way:

  • Key Performance Areas (KPA)

  • Each Key Performance Area has subsets of Factors (KPF)

  • Each Key Performance Factor has user defined performance indicators (KPI)

  • Each PKL is scored and the total score of the employee is expressed as a percentage

 Performance Scorecard is structured into 3 key sections:

  • Section A - deals with Goals and their accomplishments.

  • Section B - deals with Competencies .

  • Section C - covers Values of the organization

Training Need Analysis (TNA)


This module enables the organization to do Training Needs Analysis from 3 dimensions. It also enables employees to access the Training Plan and view the type of programmes and their schedules. Employees can sign up for training from this window. This module has a number of reports that are essential to managing the training strategy. These reports cover costs of training, programme evaluation, ROI on training, and HRD Fund.


Training Management System


This is web application that allows users to maintain the training records, training classes by organizer and administer the training activities. Standard features include: 

  • Skill inventory

  • Skill gap analysis

  • Training profile with automatic candidates search

  • Training scheduling based on core training programs, nomination and skill gap

  • Training expenses and hours analysis

  • HRD claims tracking and reporting

Training Portal



Recruitment & Selection System


Hiring of people is often thought of as merely interviewing and issuing appointment letters. Performance Scorecard gives a “construct” of the high achiever (by functional area or organization) and this serves as useful criteria for the selection process. This module also provides the job interview evaluation procedure.


Recruitment Portal


Employee Relation System


Employee relations in most organizations are a rather reactive thing. As performance improvement management is linked to Performance Scorecard, extremely weak performers will be identified early and counseled. Based on the organization’s policy on performance expectation, the management is then able to take appropriate follow-up action. This module contains the Discipline Procedure according to best Industrial Relations practice. The module also highlights important Industrial Court Awards that relate to the various areas of discipline management. It also details the process for action for wrongful dismissal under Section 20 of the Industrial Relations Act, 1967. 


Organization Chart



Talent Management System


The module is important to the organization in terms of Talent Management. It enables the management to plan talent development and leverage the best for the right job. The empirical results of Performance Scorecard will enable the planner to decide the logical choice of personnel and the roles that they can play within the organization.


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