Employee & Security


This is the core module, and contains personal details of an employee, including family, payroll, services, medical, training, performance and benefits records. It incorporates a multi-level employee profile search engine, filtering and virtual grouping.


Payroll Management


Automates the complete payroll processing functions. In addition to the basic payroll features, it includes: 

  • Bonus simulation

  • Payroll variance analysis

  • Wage cost distribution by cost centres and projects

  • Backpay processing

  • Arrears processing for resigned employees

  • Wage trend analysis

  • Retirement benefits calculation

Time Attendance


Streamlines payroll processing through elimination of tedious and error-prone data entry. Unlike most other time attendance software, Attendance module comes with a built-in spreadsheet and graphing tools which allow the user to analyze attendance variables such as overtime and unproductive hours. IT supports a wide variety of clock devices including barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity card, and biometric devices. In addition, Attendance module includes: 

  • Automatic shift scheduling

  • Overtime scheduling

  • Shutdown and replacement management

  • Attendance base allowances calculation

  • Unproductive hours analysis

  • Manpower scheduling and balancing

Leave Management


This is a comprehensive leave system which help company to manage and compute employee's leave entitlement such as annual leave, medical leave, marriage leave and etc. Leave type is user definable, and there is no limit to the type. It comes with the following features: - 

  • Multiple leave entitlement table for automatic entitlement computation 

  • Integrated link to flex payroll and flex time attendance system

  • Leave and leave adjustment records with details on reason for leave

  • Leave entitlement computation report for computation explanation

  • Leave calendar to support actual leave day’s calculation

Benefit Management


This module manages employee benefits like loans, medical, retirement benefits, scholarship, etc. It handles repayment schedule and automatic deduction from salary. Much of the parameters are user definable.


Training Management


The modules comes with a training needs analysis which allows users to identify training needs, schedule training as well as administer the training activities. Standard features include: 

  • Skill inventory

  • Skill gap analysis

  • Training profile with automatic candidates search

  • Training scheduling based on core training programs, nomination and skill gap

  • Training expenses and hours analysis

  • HRD claims tracking and reporting

Performance Measurement


Performance module manages employee performance records, development plan, increment and promotion recommendations. It supports 360 evaluations, multiple performance evaluation groups, each with assigned increment and bonus computation tables. User could run both increment and bonus simulation based on assigned tables. 

  • Industrial relations policies and procedures

  • Disciplinary cases records

  • Issue industrial action letters e.g. warning, show cause, charge, suspension, domestic inquiry and punishment.

  • Counselling records

  • Performance improvement review

  • Domestic enquiry panel and proceeding records

  • Employment termination

Manpower Planning


Manpower module allows you to plan your manpower needs based on business plan and business planning units. Manpower shortages and surplus are summarized for recruitment and redeployment purposes. Pending recruitment and resignation could be specified for more accurate manpower planning. The profile search engine allows you to shortlist candidates for succession planning based on user definable profiles. 

  • manpower budgeting

  • resignation vacancy management

  • redeployment/recruitment to fill vacancy

  • manpower shortages and surplus analysis

  • profile search to shortlist candidates

  • user defined search criteria

  • staff turnover analysis

  • budget versus actual analysis

Staff Inventory


This module is designed to automate tracking of work tools assigned to employees. All stock issue, tools repair and tools return are tracked to provide total accountability of inventory issued to staff. Standard features include: 

  • Tools S/N tracking

  • Returnable tools status

  • Repair cost tracking

  • Tools loss and replacement tracking

  • Inventory management

Financial System Interface (FSI)


Allows you to distribute the wage cost into the chart of account by generating a journal entries file. It supports multiple chart of accounts, account sub code mapping, provision amount calculation and user defined journal format.


Import Utilities


allows users to import data from external system through definition of the data format. Integrity rules can be set to validate the external data prior to upload to the flexHR® database. Audit reports are provided for control checks.


Transport Planning


This is a transport scheduling and planning system that automates the scheduling of transport needs based on manpower schedule. It computes and track transport costs based on user definable rules and provide tracking of transport providers’ performance. Standard features include: 

  • Transport schedule generation

  • Transport cost calculation

  • Transport utilization analysis

  • Complaints analysis

  • Transport delay analysis

Business Alert Manager


This is a business alert automation system designed to alert users and managers on user definable situations. Users can define the alert criteria, managers’ alert list as well as the alert means - Email and/or SMS. Standard features include: 

  • Standard alert of over 30 types

  • Alert criteria customizer

  • User definable alert schedule

  • Alert list and method

  • Alert scope builder

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